Signs That Indicate the Need for Toilet Replacement 

While it is a very unfortunate reality to accept, toilets do not last a lifetime. Whether it is because of catastrophe, time or use, sometimes they need a replacement as well. Unless your toilet explodes, in which it does not happen most of the time, it is difficult to say when it is time for a brand-new one. The following are some of the obvious signs that it is already time to change your toilet which would be a big help for you to be aware of when to call in professional Richmond plumbers: 

 Toliet Replacement

  1. It Is Regularly Getting Clogged

Clogs on your toilet are very headache-inducing and stressful. Also, who wants to plunge the bowl very now and then? Random clogs are not usual and one or two occurrences should not worry you at all. When they begin occurring constantly, though, it is already a sign of something larger. Older toilets that are low-flush tend to have common stoppages when they get older and also, their interiors get wear-and tear. 

  1. It Is Constantly Running

If the toilet keeps on running regardless of how hard you try to stop it, for sure, there are a few possible reasons for it. Sometimes, it usually means the rubber flapper of the tank is broken or damaged. It may also mean that the tank’s fill valve has been damaged in some sort. Either way, these toilet issues can be considered as major signs that it is time to replace it with a new one. 

  1. It Wobbles

There are a few various reasons why a toilet wobbles whenever you sit on it. One reason is that the base screws of your bowl have already gotten loose. If that is only the problem, it can definitely be fixed just by tightening them. However, that is not only the reason why the toilet wobbles. As a matter of fact, a more serious reason is the water damage to the flooring underneath which causes the screws to loosen up. While the wobble does not usually mean that your toilet requires a replacement, it means that there are larger toilet issues at play. 

  1. It Is Cracked

Porcelain is a strong material however, like with all materials, it can still be worn down in the long run. Cracks that is found at the base of your porcelain toilet can result to frequent leaking and puddling. In addition to that, the constant water flow can also cause damage your floors and eventually lead to increase in your water bill over time, costing you hundreds of thousands in a year. 

  1. It Is Inefficient and Old

This sign pertains more about the efficiency of your toilet. Toilets that are inefficient and old would also mean a large amount of water will put into waste. Nowadays, there are low flow options which use half that amount of water or lesser. If you want to lessen your water bill or are just environmentally conscious, it may be time for you to replace your old and inefficient toilet. For more information, contact a professional plumber. 

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