Reasons Why Pallets are Used in Shipping Cargo 

For commercial products, pallets have established as the most preferred way to package cargo. They are also used by several freight-forwarders and manufacturers. Made of metal, plastic or wood, they are very practical and sturdy for both sellers and purchasers, as they can serve with goods bought and sold as one unit of measure. 


This isn’t the only benefit they provide. What has made them very famous is how much faster and quicker transporting products with the use of these pallets. Numerous smaller goods of all shapes and sizes can be stacked together and shrink-wrapped, decreasing handling, protecting it from damage, as well as making it easier to maintain track of the shipment. In addition to that, pallets keep their content above the ground, making pretty sure that it remains clean and dry during the whole storage and transport time. As they come in standardized sizes, they are basically compatible with some loading equipment such as forklifts. 

Pallets are much stronger compared to cardboard boxes and plastic wrappers, and may take much heavier load without failing. Surprisingly, despite these capabilities, they are significantly lighter in weight, light enough for an individual to carry, making it very easy to move or transfer them when empty. They take up small space as well, and can be stored and stacked in warehouse without monopolizing too much floor space.  

Lastly, pallets are a tenable solution for they can be recycled and reused, whether they come from metal, plastic or wood. Furthermore, wooden pallets have the disadvantage as they need fumigation to be permitted into particular countries and they’ll wear down faster compared to plastic or metal pallets however, they are a still cost-effective choice compared to them both. 

At the end of the wooden pallet’s life, the slats may be used for firewood, mulching, composting, and even construction while metal and plastic pallets can be recast and melted down.  

How to pick pallets in shipping: Wooden Versus Plastic Pallet? 

Almost all companies which shipping products or goods will use pallets. 

As a usual freight packaging choice, pallets are being used in logistics of transportation procedures, from stacking the goods in the warehouse to enabling to be moved in large body and keeping them secured as well as allow for easy and fast movements during shipping. 

A pallet can be a horizontal platform equipment that is used as base for storing, handling, transporting and assembling both materials and products as a unit load. Pallets are also designed to make sure that no damage will happen to the products inside when the other pallet is placed on top of it. 

With easy-handle and safe properties, just like shipping containers, pallets are widely known across the nations in the world in every cargo ship, truck and warehouse.  

In comparison to non-palletized dispatching, pallet shipping is actually expensive. However, the cost of it covers the effective handling of your goods or products as well as minimizing the potential damages and risks to the consignments which only makes it a must-have in freight shipping industries. It’s also best that you contact a professional Pallet Manufacturer Houston to know more about the importance of pallets.